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Welcome to beezerk.com - the home of graphic artist, writer, and musician jerome Engelberts. Here you will find samples of my design work, my paintings, my music, my guitar stuff and probably also lots of stuff that's not terribly serious, since I have a longstanding reputation for being a funny guy that I need to maintain. I AM very serious about my work, though..

Nieuwe videos van JAYrome & ahnTOINE en ook hier, en hierNew recordings with Mr. J: 1 Way Back Home - 2 I'll Play The Blues For You - 3 Crosscut Saw and also from my home studio: 1 Got My Mojo Workin' - 2 Funky Mama - 3 Revelation

The Sheiks Of R&B zijn binnenkort te zien bij:

24/25 Mei KAFT Tubbergen

31 Mei Twents Gitaar Festival, Grote Markt Enschede

14 Augustus NIX Blues Podium, Grote Markt Enschede

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